Origin: Natural and Tech

Motto: "Celestial Bodies Align!"

Commander: Galaxy Danger Ranger

 Hailing from various quadrants of the Omicron Galaxy, The Celestial Force claim to be Xyon's first group of rangers before he came to reside on Earth. Upon his departure from the Omicron Galaxy, they remained in a futile attempt to hold their sectors. When all was near lost, they retreated the galaxy in search of their lost leader, Xyon. While alien in nature and appearance, They've still managed to integrate themselves into this new world.

 This force is divided into two Units. The First includes the Nova, Lunar, World, Solar, Galaxy, Astral, Comet and Nebula Danger Ranger. The second consists of Star, Moon, Planet, Sun, Space, Cosmos, Meteor and Quasar Danger Ranger. Only registered Cadets may petition to join this force and you are required to download a Uniform Template first as well as the Morphing Codes provided.